We are a solution based marketing company.


As a brand marketing firm, helping your company or business stand out among your competition is a must.
One could view Brand Support’s approach as more as a business consultant with a solution based brand-marketing emphasis. We provide branding from the inside-out, so when it comes to Field Marketing, Merchandising, Activations, Promotions, Staff Recruitment, Outsourcing of Staff, Shop Fitting, Printing or other elements, we’ve got you covered.

Unlike any marketing firm, Brand Support is a brand-marketing firm whose approach is more like that of a fully-integrated marketing department. This means not only creating and developing marketing messages to be distributed among all selected media and managing those messages, but also making sure that the messages and promises can be delivered. This means working with management and staff to ensure every detail of “the experience” a client or customer may have meets and delivers on any promises made via the creative process.

It also means being an integral part of the ongoing process, successes and failures, in building and developing a brand that will stand up and last no matter the shifts in the economy or other issues the client may face.

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To grow our clients business and build a reputable image and history for the brand, that strive to exceed clients needs and expectations which deliver consistent, mutually beneficial quality campaigns and profit.

Breaking new grounds with our innovation
Optimizing our business relationships and network
Providing world class service delivery
Creating unforgettable customer experience


Breaking new grounds with our innovation.Optimizing our business relationships and network. Providing world class service delivery. Creating unforgettable customer experience